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Empowering Personal Learning EnvironmentsEmpowering Personal Learning EnvironmentsAssalamu Alaikum!Contents5 Future TrendsSocial Media & Web 2.0Social Media Revolution?60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty SecondsJust in Time Training To You (JiT2U)Mobile LearningA Guide to Implementing Mobile E-learningSocial CurationScoop.it!SummifyZite Your Own Personalized Magazine!Openness in EducationEdX: The Future of Online Education is Now Open Education Resources (OER)?CourseraUDACITYNew Initiative: edXP2PUUniversity of the PeopleQuora Wolfram AlphaOther ExamplesCreative Commons (CC)OER Funding ModelsBesides Funding, We Need to ConsiderLEARN from the Fantastic 5 Gurus?WHAT INSPIRES ME TO SHARE?Where to Start? Personal Learning EnvironmentsPersonal Learning EnvironmentsBut, what about the LMS?Moodle is an Airport, Not a Total Solution!Alternatives?PLEExamples of PLEsPLE ToolsThe Smart Worker's Guide to Social MediaUse Facebook with LMS?Twitter for Learning & Teaching?With RSS You Can Create Your Own Online Newspaper Ways RSS is being used:Google ReaderBloggingBlogging ToolsBlog is the perfect _______ tool!IMU Students Blogging Project Wikis for Learning?Wiki ToolsUse SlideShare to ShareUse Prezi to Zoomify!Create Screencasts!Conduct and Record Online Talks!Create Cartoons, Movies & Animations!Use your iPad to Create & ShareChallengesTechnical Challenges Social Challenges Pedagogical Challenges Explore PLE further? The ExpertsConclusionConclusionQ&AFinally, You Might Want To