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Using Assessment Within Virtual Learning Environments. Colin milligan. S C O P E. What is a Virtual Learning Environment? The role of VLEs in higher education, Assessment and VLEs, Successful strategies. What Is a VLE?. A collection of tools for delivering learning online, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Using Assessment Within Virtual Learning EnvironmentsColin milligan

    VLEs and Assessment

  • S C O P EWhat is a Virtual Learning Environment?The role of VLEs in higher education,Assessment and VLEs,Successful strategies.

    VLEs and Assessment

  • What Is a VLE?A collection of tools for delivering learning online,A means of standardising the learning experience, A means of managing the learning experience,A one-stop-shop for the learning experience.DeveloperAdministrator TutorStudent

    VLEs and Assessment

  • A Typical Learning EnvironmentWebCTPathwareLearning SpaceTopClassPioneerCVU...

    VLEs and Assessment

  • VLEs Are Good Integrate materials and support - providing a complete solution,Allow efficient management of large banks of materials,Provide access to user-friendly tools - which empowers the tutor,

    VLEs and Assessment

  • or Not So Good?Encourage sites which are little more than page-turning (linear), UN-interactive,Encourage over-standardisation of materials - not stimulating, A collection of mediocre tools, none exactly suited to the purpose.

    VLEs and Assessment

  • Re-assess: Roles for VlesSupporting & delivering training, Where linear structures can be tolerated,Supporting f-2-f teaching,Typical HE implementation,Replacing f-2-f teaching,For dual mode delivery.

    Must Implement Carefully.

    VLEs and Assessment

  • Computer Assisted AssessmentStimulating (interaction),Motivating (feedback),Targeted (reinforcement),Diagnostic (students and topics),Efficient (automated).

    VLEs and Assessment

  • VLEs and AssessmentOpportunities for integration...with student records,with material delivery and progression,with alternative routes through learning materials, extra revision materials etc.,with comments from a discussion forum.

    VLEs and Assessment

  • VLE Assessment Tools:Typical FeaturesMultiple question types - t/f, mcq, fill in blanks, calculation, matching, short answer, paragraph (not marked),Feedback (per answer, and general),Tracking by question, by student, Make progression dependent on performance,Restrict access to test (temporal).

    VLEs and Assessment

  • VLEs and Assessment

  • src: Learning Environments - Comparison321

    VLEs and Assessment


    MLE NameTracks pages accessed?Assessment Types SupportedTests Over Set Time at Periodic Intervals?Question Pools (to allow customisation & re-use of questions)Intervention Based on Assessment?

    COSEYesNone built in, but will support third party assessment products. Does provide secure way of submitting assessments.NoNoNo

    Fretwell Downing LENoSupports all types of assessment. Interoperability in development.YesYesYes

    Learn OnlineYesSupports a comprehensive range of assessment types including multiple choice, fill in the blank and true/false.NoYesYes

    Lotus Learning SpaceNoNoNoNo

    MerlinNo"Developed in accordance with course developers needs". Does include practice exercises with automated feedback.YesNoNo

    Pathware AttainYesNoNoYes

    SCET PioneerYesMultiple choice, matching pairs, ordered lists, fill-in gaps.NoYesNo

    TopClassYesMultiple choice, boolean, fill in blank, list matching, image maps, multiple correct answer.YesYesYes

    Virtual CampusYesBoth formative and summative assessment, competence testing, APL etc. can be accommodated.YesYesNo

    WebCTYesVarious, including multiple choice, matching, short answer, calculated.YesYesYes



  • VLEs Support Assessment?Mediocre tools - lacking advanced features,Short on flexibility,Highly integrated, but integration can be labour-intensive,Quizzes often the easy option is to implement assessment via self-tests,

    VLEs and Assessment

  • VLE Assessment StrategiesKeep assessment simple,Adopt flexible VLEs - COSE, CVU and use third Party tools, Make sure your institution is committed (help and stability)Pray for IMS - true interoperability?

    VLEs and Assessment

  • SCHOLAR, Heriot-Watt Universitytestsmarkscontentstudent dataCurrently, marking and student tracking are not integratedFine-tuning: Scholar

    VLEs and Assessment

  • next stage:link ae & student dbsallows integration at higher level: progression control etc.testsmarkscontentstudent dataFine-tuning: Scholar

    VLEs and Assessment

  • ConclusionsTools are imperfect - but theyre there,True, rich Virtual Learning Experiences require significant effort, Avoid under-exploiting opportunities - (its easy to create simple tests, linear structures etc.),Make your materials interactive:assessments do that!

    VLEs and Assessment


    VLEs and Assessment

    VLEs & AssessmentColin Milligan - & AssessmentColin Milligan - & AssessmentColin Milligan -


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